Monday, January 19, 2009

Obtaining Free Lindens in Second Life

I'm going to start discussing Freebies with Free Lindens. As I mention in another post, it is generally not worth your time to try to earn Lindens in Second Life. So when I talk about free Lindens, I do not mean earning them, but rather being given them.

You can beg others for Lindens. This does not generally succeed, in part because many folks do not have any Lindens to begin with. But to be realistic, even if they do have Lindens, folks are no more willing to part with themn in SL than real money in RL. Begging will not usually win you friends! So, please do not IM me asking for Lindens.

Try to find a Money Tree. This is a charitable mechanism for philanthropists (or should that be philavipists?) can donate Lindens to the less well-endowed. These are a great way to pick up a few Lindens to get started. However, Money Trees typically check the avatar's birth date and usually only grant Lindens to newbies. I applaud the maker of Money Tree for their effort to spread the wealth around to encourage folks to stick with SL!

Raffle balls also hand out free money, typically to a randomly selected avatar within their vicinity. Like camping spots, raffle balls are designed to encourage players to hang out in a particular location awaiting selection. While there, they hopefully spend a few Lindens on products they see, and at the very least, lure others to the same location. Finding a raffle ball is something of a challenge these days, and you sometimes are required to wear a group labl to win. I obtained my first few Lindens from a raffle ball that used to exist at BDSM-Life's island. They stopped doing that when rent went up and they moved to the mainland. But I'm sure there are several raffle balls still around somewhere.

A few locations have games that hand our free Lindens. It is necessary to play the game to win, and not every player is a winner, of course. This again encourages people to stay in the location playing the game, making the place appear more crowded on the TP map. As with camping spots, games that hand out money are highly coveted and usually fully occupied.

Voting booths sometimes hand out money to the first 1000 or so people who vote. The objective is to place the location higher in a list of popular SL sites. These will not reward the voter for more than one vote, and so are of limited use obtaining Lindens.

That's all I have to say about the possibility of getting Lindens for free in SL. Honestly, I think the best way to obtain Lindens is to buy them.

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