Saturday, January 17, 2009

Changing Your Avatar's Appearance

You will probably want to customize your Avatar as soon as possible. After all, we are all offered the same few starting Avatars. Changing your appearance will help you establish your uniqueness amongst a sea of similar looking Avatars. There are two ways to customize your Avatar.

First, you can change your initial appearance in variety of ways by simply right clicking your Avatar and selecting the Appearance pie slice. This will open the edit window where you can change everything from your skin and hair color to your gender, if you wish. It’s easier for you to play with the options available than for me to explain what they all do, and most are self-explanatory anyway.

The second way to alter your Avatar’s appearance is to wear items. Some items are obvious, like clothing. Others aren’t so obvious at first, like shapes, skins, tattoos, and makeup. You received default skins, shapes, and clothing when you selected your starting Avatar.

IM me in world to receive a welcome package that contains a number of clothing items, skins, shapes, etc.

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